Preserve your Equity

Zeal Equity is a platform that allows homeowners who are ready to sale their home the ability to customize the financial payouts they are willing to pay for realtor representation. With all the reality data available to us, homeowners have a wealth of knowledge of their home’s value, neighborhood, and local real estate market. The Zeal Equity’s process allows homeowners to leverage their home knowledge by customizing their listing terms to sale their home and not yield to status quo commission rates.

Preserving your Home’s Equity

The Zeal Equity Process allows homeowners to remain in CONTROL of their home’s equity when selling their home. By customizing the realtors listing terms, homeowners can maximize their home sale profit by avoiding a one-sided commission structure and/or the pressure of quick low value cash offers where a 3rdparty benefits from your equity.

Set the
Commission Percent

Base the agent’s commission off of a percent of the total cost of the home.

Set a
Flat Fee Commission

Set a flat fee for the agent’s commission despite the total cost of your home.


Provide agents with incentives to exceed a certain price or close by a specific date.

Real Estate Agents

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How Does It Work?

By customizing your realtor’s listing agreement terms, homeowners are able to preserve more of their home’s equity during the sale of their home by saving THOUSANDS of dollars on the realtor payout.

Traditional Approach

$275,000 Home
6.00% Agent Commission
Listing Term Agreement Payout is $16,500

Zeal Approach

$275,000 Home
3.75% Agent Commission
Listing Term Agreement Payout is $10,313

Customizing your listing terms position you to preserve $6,187 of your home’s equity


Preserve your equity by listing your home in less than 10 minutes. Agents in your area are eager to help sell your home.

Maximize & Preserve Equity

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, needing to sell fast, have inherited a property, or just wanting to test the market, using the Zeal Equity’s process to sell your home allows homeowners to maximize and preserve the equity you have worked so hard for!