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Selling Real Estate On Your Terms

Zeal Equity benefits homeowners and realtors by providing a platform where they can connect on their own terms. Homeowners save money on the sale of their home by setting the commission they want to pay. Realtors save time and money searching for their next client with easy access to interested sellers and buyers.

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Selling Your Home?

By setting the realtors listing terms, homeowners can maximize the home equity kept selling their home by avoiding outdated commission structures and/or the pressure of quick low value cash offers where a 3rd party benefits from your equity.

We Help Homeowners Preserve Their Equity

Zeal Equity allows you to set the listing terms to sell your home and save money, without the hassle of listing your home as “for sale by owner.” By connecting you to a realtor who can provide essential expertise at the commission rate you want, Zeal Equity takes the worry and unnecessary expense out of selling your home.

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With Zeal Equity, homeowners can choose to:

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Set a Percentage Commission

Pay a set percent commission based on the total sale price of your home.

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Set a Flat Fee Commission

Pay a flat fee commission to sell your home, regardless of the final sale price.

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Provide Additional Incentives

Add financial incentives to sell your home by a certain date and/or above a desired price.

We Help Realtors Find Clients Easily

Realtors now have a one-stop-shop for finding clients who are ready to sell their current home and potentially looking to buy their next one. As a Zeal Equity member, you can easily scroll through offers from homeowners and submit bids on the ones with the terms that most interest you. Zeal Equity collects seller disclosures and other important home information that realtors need to make an inform decision before submitting bids.

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Maximize and Preserve Equity

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, needing to sell fast, have inherited a property, or just wanting to test the market, using the Zeal Equity’s process to sell your home allows homeowners to maximize and preserve the equity you have worked so hard for!