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Zeal Equity makes it easy for realtors to find new client listings!

As a Zeal Equity member, you have access to a database of homeowners interested in selling their home in your area.

Home Profiles provide realtors with all the information you need to find your ideal client. See the estimated commission payout upfront. Learn if the seller is also purchasing a new home or is offering bonus incentives for a sale within a certain timeframe or above a certain price, which can lead to thousands of dollars in additional income.

With Zeal Equity, you know valuable information before you bid on a home. Along with photos of the home, you will know if the home has any flood, water, or environmental issues and if everything is in working order.

Zeal Equity allows you to select the houses that most interest you. Search through our database of available homes broadly by city or look for sellers in your preferred areas by searching by zip code or street.

Zeal Equity empowers you to select the properties you know you can sell.

Zeal Equity is also an excellent resource to find the perfect home for your firm’s clients who are looking to buy a house.

Licensed realtors begin the Zeal Equity process by setting up a profile. Your profile allows you to share information about your selling approach and past successes so that you can attract more clients.

Realtors will see the seller’s requested listing terms before deciding to bid on a home. In some cases, sellers will offer either a percentage or a flat fee commission, allowing you to choose the structure that best works for you.

If you are interested in selling a listed home, you can bid to accept the requested terms or submit a counteroffer with your own terms. By allowing you to negotiate the terms of the sale, Zeal Equity helps realtors and homeowners reach an agreement that benefits both parties.

Realtors may contact sellers through Zeal Equity to ask additional questions about their property. Zeal Equity requires sellers to list their home on the platform for 24 hours before selecting a realtor, giving you more opportunity to review available homes.

Save valuable time and advertising dollars finding your next client with Zeal Equity. Create an account on the Login page (link button to Login page) to learn more about the process of becoming a Zeal Equity member and using the platform to find new clients.

Creating A Profile:

Realtors must be licensed to sell in the area in which you are bidding. By creating an account and bidding to sell homes on Zeal Equity, you agree that you have a valid active real estate license and may legally sell the homes for which you bid. State license number entry is required.

Monthly subscription fee of $64.99 per month
Annual subscription fee is $655.00 annually (a 16 percent discount off of our monthly rate)

Both memberships provide unlimited bidding on homes listed as available for sale on the Zeal Equity platform. You will also receive email notification when properties are listed or become available, filtered by city, zip code, or neighborhood.

Reviewing Home Profiles:

Home Profiles will display the seller’s requested listing terms for a realtor to represent them.

Every Home Profiles displays The Estimated Total Commission that is potentially earned representing the seller. The Estimated Total Commission is calculated by combining the total commission earned selling the listed home with the potential total commission earned on the purchase of the homeowner’s next home, if applicable.

A blue star at the upper right-hand corner of the home profile lets you know that the seller is also looking to buy a home.

When bidding, you may accept the seller’s terms, counter with new terms, or request additional dialogue. Additional dialogue may include a request for an added financial incentive if the home sells within a certain timeframe or above the listing price, or for clarification of the seller’s terms.

Sellers will receive an email notification when you submit a bid.

Sellers may contact realtors who submit bids through Zeal Equity with further questions or to provide a counteroffer to your submitted terms. We encourage realtors to respond to all communication from sellers in a prompt manner.

If a seller declines your bid, you have the option to resubmit a new bid. However, sellers may not consider resubmitted bids. Therefore, we encourage realtors to initially submit competitive bids.

Once the seller of a home you have bid on selects a realtor, you will receive a notification from Zeal Equity that the Home Profile is closed.

If your bid is selected, you will have access to an electronic listing agreement form that reflects the content from your state’s Real Estate Commission Listing Agreement – Exclusive Right To Sell form.  The electronic listing agreement form will populate certain sections and require the realtor to complete the remaining sections of the form before electronically signing and sending to the homeowner. The electronic listing agreement form is for the realtor’s convenience and not required to be used for homeowner representation.  The Seller’s contact information will be immediately available to the selected Realtor.  

Zeal Equity allows sellers to choose their realtor independent and free from influences. Zeal Equity does not promote any reality firms or individual realtors.