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Zeal Equity Empowers You to Control the Amount Spent Selling Your Home and Preserve More of Your Home Equity!

With Zeal Equity, you set the terms of your home sale, including the commission rate you want to pay a realtor. You decide what percentage of the final sale price or what flat fee you want to pay a realtor to sell your home. You can also choose to offer financial incentives to reward your agent if your home closes before a certain date and/or above a certain price.

By setting the terms of your listing agreement, Zeal Equity helps you preserve thousands of dollars of your home equity!

Preserve more of your home equity by setting the listing terms to sell your home through Zeal Equity

Traditional Approach

$275,000 Home
6.00% Agent Commission
Listing Term Agreement Payout is $16,500

Zeal Approach

$275,000 Home
You Set a 3.75% Agent Commission
Listing Term Agreement Payout is $10,313

You would preserve $6,187 of your home equity when you sell your home!

Zeal Equity is ideal for homeowners who need to sell your home fast. By offering either an additional percentage or a flat fee for selling your home above expectations, you maximize realtor interest by rewarding them to exceed expectations on closing before a certain date and/or above your requested listing price!

Thinking about selling your home? Posting your home on Zeal Equity is a great way to test the market and determine if you can sell your home at the terms you want.

If you plan to sell your home yourself, but need a realtor to process the transaction, Zeal Equity is the perfect platform for you. Pay a fee that you set to easily find a realtor who will provide legal and procedural assistance so that you don’t have to worry about incorrect paperwork costing you time and money.

Creating A Home Profile

Homeowners start the Zeal Equity process by creating a Home Profile. Your Home Profile showcases your house to local, licensed realtors who will review your property and requested listing terms and decide if they want to bid to be your realtor.

Realtors’ profile and any personal message they have for you is provided when they submit a bid, which helps you find the realtor that will best serve your needs. To ensure realtors have sufficient time to review listing terms, home profiles must be active for 24 hour before finalizing the prefered realtor.

Creating your Home Profile to start receiving bids is quick and easy. The step-by-step form guides you to answer questions about your home, upload photographs, and describe your home’s best features. You will set your listing price and the financial terms to sell your home.

Creating a Home Profile is FREE!  Create a Home Profile today on Zeal Equity and SAVE thousands of dollars selling your home!